Introducing We Fit For 2!

Proven Trainer Exercise Techniques!

Start changing your body today with the same workout featured on NBC and by Women’s/Men’s Health!

WeFitFor2 was built upon the premise that fundamental body weight movements are more effective when they use a partner for support and added resistance. Because the program is designed to be done with someone – anyone – WeFitFor2 makes staying motivated and consistent easy.

WeFitFor2 is unlike anything you have ever done before. The exercises and circuits are based on the same methods used by elite fitness trainers and fully customizable to your own body and level of fitness. It’s like having your own personal trainer, only better.


Studies show that couples who work out together are 92% more likely to continue after a year and they also maintain their weights and overall fitness longer than those who work out alone.  Couples who work out separately have a 50% drop off rate.

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Start the new year on a new course toward getting fit and staying fit all for less than it costs for a single group fitness class.

Here’s what you get with the WeFitFor2 program:

Phase 1: The Lower Body and Abs. An extraordinary set of workouts using a partner to burn tremendous calories and tone your body focusing on your body’s foundation.

Phase 2: Chest, Back, and Arms. So many people work the upper body incorrectly. We teach it right for maximum strength and tone.

Phase 3: The Circuits. We put it all together for you to follow or for you to discover your own circuits.



Read a review of the WeFitFor2 video from Men’s Health Magazine.

WeFitFor2 is available as a digital download. Learn more, here.